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General Homeowners Meeting Minutes of September 6, 2019

November 18, 2019


               General Homeowners Meeting of September 6, 2019


Present:  Ray Tracy, Lorrie Erli, Irene Brown, Colleen DeMio, John Barone, and Carol Hudak and 291 homeowners.  The meeting opened with the flag salute and a moment of silence.

Irene Brown moved to accept the summary of the minutes from the July 23, 2019 Homeowners Meeting.

Treasurer, Irene Brown presented the Financial Report as of July 30, 2019.   Financial Report details are printed monthly in the Courier.

Irene Brown read a statement regarding the Election information printed in the Courier pertaining to the candidates eligible for the presidency and vice presidency positions; Lorrie Erli’s name was omitted in error.

Director’s Reports

John Barone:  Grass and Snow bids were received from two contractors (Lawns Plus and Turf Tech) and bids were opened by three homeowners.

Carol Hudak:  Working on free flu vaccines with CVS.

Lorrie Erli:  Pool closes Sunday, September 8, 2019, 5:30 PM.

Councilwoman, Judy Noonan explained S-2425 Bill and its implications on our 55+ communities.  There are several concerns in the language such as using the term, “discrimination”; taxing the common ground and a push to have all HOAs conform to set standards (Bylaws).  However for now, we are zoned for 55+ and proof of age is still required. Bill comes to a vote this fall, no exact date known at this time.

New Business:

John Barone motioned to enter into a two year contract with Lawns Plus at $7.70 per home for 19 cuts costing $207,000 and $13,700 for snow removal (4” or more).  Irene second and the motion passed unanimously.

John Barone moved to spend $100 for the Dart Club, Colleen seconded and motion was approved unanimously.

Ray Tracy moved to spend up to $300 for a plaque naming the pavilion “Pete’s Pavilion” in our former president’s memory and honor. Motion was approved unanimously.

Ray Tracy moved to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted,  Lorrie Erli, Secretary

Last modified: November 18, 2019

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