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Holiday Heights Volunteer First Aid Squad #46

November 24, 2018

Your Holiday Heights First Aid Squad is on the job for you . This November 14th we have a new slate of officers taking command of the squad. Janice Sutton will take over as Captain of the squad. Others in the operations section are: John Abella, 1st Lieutenant, Frank Catena, 2nd Lieutenant, and Frank Saponaro, Sergeant. In the administrative sec­ tion we have Dolores Tavares, President, Rhena Andreola, Vice President, Marilyn Patishnock, Secretary, Marj Neary, Assistant Secretary, John Rudko, Chaplain. Eileen Blu­ menfeld, Carol Kelleher, and Kevin Neary are the Trustees.

If you are in need of a walker, wheelchair or cane, we have these items to lend. Check with us before purchasing them. Ifwe have them in stock, they are yours. If you have any of these items and no longer need them, please donate them to the squad.
The Holiday Heights Bingo Committee has come through for us again. In early October the First Aid Squad received a very generous donation. Thank you.

In September, our Annual Appeal was sent to all 1,413 homes in Holiday Heights. Our response has been very good. We thank all who donated to our squad. We also thank you for supporting our Walk/Run for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This was a very successful event. Our Auxiliary’s first Annual Pig Roast was a great success.

Thank you for supporting our Auxiliary, and thank you to the people who helped set up the tents, tables and chairs, as well as the break-down and clean-up.

– Kevin Neary, EMT Captain

Last modified: November 27, 2018

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