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Open Board Meeting Minutes

December 4, 2019

Open Board Meeting Minutes of  November 7, 2019 (Summary)

Present:  John Barone, Irene Brown, Dan Carney, Colleen DeMio, Lorrie Erli, Carol Hudak

Absent:  Jim Anderson

Meeting was opened with the flag salute and a moment of silence and there were 19 homeowners present.

The minutes of the October 17, 2019 Open Board Meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurer, Irene Brown read the financial report for the HOA as of September 30, 2019 as printed in the October edition of the Courier.

The Office will close December 24, 25, 31 and January 1, 2020.

Director’s Report:

Irene:  The auditors are currently preparing annual financial statements for our review.

Colleen:  Berkeley Township requires a work permit for driveways and a signed release form for any drainage issues that may result from changes to driveways.

Lorrie:  Visit the Holiday Heights HOA website to see current activities and events planned.  Also if you use Facebook join Holiday Heights Official FB page to receive notifications of items being posted to the website.

Carol:  On Saturday, November 2, there were 18 new homeowners that attended the Welcome Luncheon.  Watch for photos in the Courier.  Bingo contribution for October was a total of $5,780.23. On October 23, 2019, 33 homeowners participated in the free Flu Shot program provided by CVS Pharmacy. Neighborhood Watch group is meeting November 13, 2019 at 7:00 PM.  Thank you to the 8 volunteers that trimmed the shrubs and pulled weeds along the front of our clubhouse buildings, saving the HOA lots of money.  There will be a Robo call Sunday for the upcoming HOA meeting and stressing the importance of the HOPA forms.

Dan:  (for Jim)  Lawns Plus is cutting now and there will be one more cut after this one in November.

In the process of reviewing the schedule with Princeton Hydro to finish Davenport and Lambert basin work.  Storm drain cover guards are also being considered to prevent garbage from entering the basins.

Old Business:  None

New Business:  Lorrie moved to accept the proposal from Carmona Pool for the 2020/2021 pool seasons in the amount of $27,200 (2020) and $27,700 (2021).  Contract includes $500 credit toward pool supplies and repairing the ladder sockets worth $700.  Irene seconded. Motion was approved unanimously.

John moved to spend up to $300 to purchase coffee pots, CO detector and hand held shower head for cleaning purposes for the kitchen. Carol seconded and motion was approved unanimously.

Carol moved to spend to up $50 for printed Sympathy cards.  Motion was approved unanimously.

John moved to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted,

Lorrie Erli, Secretary

Open Board Meeting Minutes of October 17, 2019 (Summary)

Present:  Jim Anderson, John Barone, Irene Brown, Dan Carney, Colleen DeMio, Lorrie Erli, Carol Hudak

Minutes of the Open Board Meeting held on October 3, 2019 were read and accepted.

Treasurer, Irene Brown presented the Financial Report as of September 30, 2019.  Financial Report was accepted as presented. Details are printed in the Courier monthly.

President’s Report:  Card players use chips only.  Shuffleboard Court fence and shrub will be repaired later this week, insurance payment received.  American Red Cross contacted to finish installing fire alarms in the community.

Irene:    Post-dated checks cannot be accepted.

Colleen: No report.

Lorrie:  Working on website until Ashley returns and pool contracts.

Carol:     Free flu shots by CVS October 23, 2019, 10:00 – 2:00PM

Caregivers of Ocean County are providing a presentation to homeowners at the next General Homeowners meeting, November 12.

Jim:        Lawn cut was completed yesterday; there will be two more cuts.  Snow blowers were checked and are ready to go if needed.

Dan:       Basin work continues, sprayed and treated with herbicide.

Old Business:  None

New Business:  New phone system was already approved, but adding ext. #s for each director will require another piece of equipment and an extra cost. However there will be the added ability to check messages from personal cell phones. Irene moved to spend up to $800 for the additional equipment and service.  Motion carried.

Irene moved to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted,  Lorrie Erli, Secretary


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