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Robo Call Message May 29, 2020

June 1, 2020

Thank you to the Holiday Heights Men’s Club and their wonderful wives (of course there’s always a great woman behind every great man) who joined efforts to make the first monthly Food Donation Pick-up such a smooth success.  Remember, the Food Drop Off Containers in the Clubhouse Parking Lot will remain in between each monthly food pick up.  Please continue your generosity.

PLEASE check with Ed Lipinsky @ 732.998.0068 with requests for outside projects you are planning and any and all questions.  Colleen DeMio reminds everyone to please be considerate of their neighbors and mindful of the Code relating to garbage can placement, Do not leave cans on front porches, driveways, or lawns. 

Ron Knecht advises the need for Candidates to run for two Board positions which will become open for the 2020 Elections. Contact Ron Knecht at 732-718-8221 with any questions.

In an effort to dispel any rumors or misinformation, they Board is advising all Homeowners that the COVID-19 testing tentatively scheduled for June 4th has been cancelled due to the start of renovation work in the Auditorium Building as a result of racoon infestation last winter.  This project was just approved by our insurance carrier and cleared for work to begin. The work will take approximately 3 weeks.  Please stay clear of the workers and the building during that time.  Insulation materials are being removed which contains airborne fiberglass particles. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

The Board reminds you all to contact a Board Member if you hear any rumors or have any questions.  We are all here to help and keep the lines of communication open.

PLEASE remember to follow social distancing guidelines and to wear face masks whenever you leave your homes.  Face masks are required on Association property.

Stay Safe – Stay Home – Save Lives

Last modified: June 1, 2020

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